When do pictures come back?
An appointment to pick up your finished portraits will be made at the time of your photo session. The pictures usually return in two to three weeks.

Can I purchase other prints?
Prints of each pose are available at the time of your appointment to pick up your purchased photo. Various sizes from 8×10’s to wallets are available to be purchase and taken home at this time. Wall portraits are available to be ordered at this time as well.

What should my family wear?
Please see the individual concept pages for wardrobe guidance

How do I make an appointment?
Appointments are made for each promotion during a two week time period prior to the photo session in your local retailer, appointments must be made with our representative in the store.

How do I change my appointment?
Appointments are changed by visiting your representative in the store. Please remember that our promotions only last on average 2-4 days and appointments can only be scheduled during these days.

How long is my appointment going to take?
Appointments usually range from 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Please budget this into your schedule.  Appointments may go very smoothly and last only 30 minutes.  Sometimes children may need to warm up and it may take longer.

Is the antique concept for children only?
We cater to children ages 6 months to 12 years.  Our wardrobe is suited for those ages but we are usually able to accommodate smaller babies as well as adults.  Please ask your photographer before your session to be sure the wardrobe is sufficient for your case.

Where are you going to take the pictures?
Our photographers set up a portable studio either in the host store or a nearby hotel conference room. If you are not sure where your session is, please refer to your coupon. The bottom right hand corner contains the information you need.