General Portrait Tips

Tips on smiles-Don’t tell a child to smile, give them a reason to. Please do not coach your children to smile, this usually results in cheesy looking smiles or frustrated parents. Because young children don’t know what a smile really looks or feels like, they often give exaggerated  smiles or have crooked lips and parents end up frustrated. This results in telling  the child not to smile like that, which ends up frustrating the child. We encourage parents to just have fun and play with the child to get them to smile or laugh or interact with the props.

Making the most of your scheduled appointment time-Sessions usually last 20 minutes from start to finish, but depending on the child in or before your sitting, could last up to 45 minutes. Please plan on spending 45 minutes just in case. We ask that you show up at your scheduled appointment time and not early or late if possible. Showing up early does not usually result in leaving early, but on the contrary usually results in a long wait. As we all know waiting makes children grumpy.  We try to make each appointment quick and painless for them and you.

We always encourage you to bring special heirlooms from home to include in the pictures to make them more personal. Ideas include jewelry, toys, blankets, and photos.