Classic Black

Our Classic Black style combines the simplicity of a solid black background with the creativity of our professional photographers’ lighting design to bring out each of our clients’ best features.  The vibrancy and clarity of these portraits makes them perfect for families, couples and individuals.  Each client is given the choice on the day of the photo session to have their portraits printed in either color, sepia tone, or in black & white.


Before you arrive– Your photographer will need to know what style you prefer your photos to be printed in.  Please know if you would like color, black and white, or sepia toned.

For color– Make-up should be applied generously to show up better on film.  Hair should be styled before you arrive. As for clothing, you can achieve varied effects determined by what you wear.  For a classic theme, wear black shirts and denim pants.  For a fun vibrant look, choose a bright color and have everyone wear shirts in the same hue.  You may also choose to come in a special uniform or outfit that portrays your character well.  Stripes and plaids are nice but remember not to mix too many in one portrait.  Stay away from bright whites.  Remember that any bright color next to the face will detract from the subject.  Our photographers will have a small wardrobe of formal clothing if you prefer.

For Black and White– Make-up should be applied but sparingly.  Lipsticks that are dark will appear black in the final portrait as will blush and eye shadow.  Sparkly makeup may glare too much in the black and white portrait as well.  Hair should be styled before you arrive.  As for clothing, for classic looks try outfitting everyone in the same palette, such as all black or all pastel.  Feel free to mix and match as well, some can wear black and some pastel, which will separate subjects well.  White is too bold and should be used sparingly.  Uniforms and special outfits such as formal wear are accentuated well in black and white.   Textural clothing, for instance, lace, fur, velvet, silk, stripes, and plaids add depth.  Our photographers will have a small wardrobe of formal clothing if you prefer.

For Sepia Toned– The sepia toned prints are very similar to black and white prints.  Therefore the same guidelines apply as for the black and white (see above).  Sepia toned prints naturally lend themselves to antique wardrobe and accessories, feel free to bring in heirloom pieces.