Vintage Enhanced Sepia

Take a step back into the 1920’s & 30’s with our antique-style photography. Our clothing, props, and sets come together to create a timeless keepsake that will be in the family for generations. The Enhanced Sepia tone makes use of the newest technologies to give you the antique painted look of the era.


On dressing for your antique session-We carry clothing to fit most children aged 6 months to 12 years. Hats are provided to accentuate the wardrobe for all ages. We usually remove children’s socks and shoes to see those cute little toes, (plus they did not have Nikes back then)! If you wish your child to wear an undershirt please be sure it is white, and girl’s undershirts need to be sleeveless (our dresses are made of lace and sleeves can be seen).

For adults and children over 12, we have a limited selection of clothing. For females, most of our sets include dresses up to a 1x or size 20. We ask that women come dressed in an appropriate dress (plain colored, velvet, lacy, or textured), so they can change if they wish, or stay in what they have on. Males over 10 need to come in dark pants (slacks or jeans), and a white button up shirt. We do have a small selection of shirts if you do not own one. Accessories such as vests, ties, and hats are provided to finish the look.

As for make-up, less is best. Remember that in sepia-toned prints, dark colors such as red or dark-pink lipsticks turn black.

We always encourage you to bring special heirlooms from home to include in the pictures to make them more personal. Ideas include jewelry, toys, blankets, and photos.